Friday, June 22, 2012

Yorkie Drowns at Doggy day Care in Florida

Such a sad story - from Cape Coral Florida.

A 3 pound Yorkie drowns in pool at  a doggy day care.

On Wednesday, owners took Callie to Pet Coral Resort and Veterinary located at 924 Del Prado South in Cape Coral.

It was supposed to be a routine temperment evaluation to see if Callie would be a good fit for boarding and day care. Somehow they let the dog into a pool, allegedly supervised, and the dog drowned and no one noticed.

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debbie53dog said...

That's a shame! This should have never happened! Someone was not doing their job. I feel for the owner that lost her little pup.

Anonymous said...

That is unacceptable. Anyone that should have been watching that little baby should be dismissed, not just a slap on the hand because it was only a dog. That was SOMEONE'S BELOVED CHILD. There are too many accidents happening at groomers (PetSmart) and things like this. I never let my Yorkie Bug-Z in the care of anyone I do not know. I am so sorry for this person's loss.

Anonymous said...

thats terrible !!!! i feel so bad for the parents of callie..i know how hard it is my 1yr yorkie (joey) got hit 3 wks ago its so hard without him..they are like your kids :( my heart goes out to callies famliy