Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Luxating Patella and the Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier

Well, I had a bit of disturbing news today
from my vet....
When I first was examined at 12 weeks old,
they said I had luxating patella of my right knee...
now, at 10 months old, both of my knees
are bothering me a bit!

Luxating is a fancy word for dislocating. Patella is your dog's "knee", the joint on the front of her hind leg. So a luxating patella is a dislocating knee or trick knee, a knee that keeps slipping out of its socket. This can happen in yorkies with weak ligaments, tendons, and/or muscles. It can also happen in Yorkies whose kneecap groove is too narrow or shallow. The knee usually slips inwardly, toward her body, and locks so that your Yorkie can't bend her leg.

Suspect luxating patella if your Yorkie sometimes lifts one hind leg while she is running, or if she often moves both rear legs at the same time, like a hopping bunny. Sometimes the knee slips only for a few moments, then slides back into place. Sometimes the knee slips out and stays out, and your Yorkie will hold her leg off the ground and limp, perhaps tucking her thigh into her body. Luxation may occur in one knee, or in both. It is seen in many other toy breeds, and in both sexes, though it seems to be more common in females. No matter how firm the knees seem as puppies, toy dogs are liable to injure their knees.

Any advice?

Home Remedies?

Vitamin or food suppliments?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yorkie Dies While in Groomers Care

I never watch the news because there is so much
tragedy and drama in it, it's downright depressing.
And I get lots of leads to terrible tragic dog stories, that
I simply do not run, because who wants to read about
all the sadness? - But I came across this story today
and thought it was worth sharing, because it could
happen to anyone's dog....

On the East Coast this week, a dog owner is heartbroken after

her 3-pound Yorkshire terrier hung itself on a

leash after a "negligent" groomer left it alone to soak in a bathtub.

Groomingdales owner Lisa Boughton said her 21-year-old

assistant placed the terrier into a

special bathtub to soak in shampoo. The assistant, she said,

left the dog alone for a few minutes. She returned to find

the terrier strangled by the leash meant to secure it from

running away. The dog appeared to have leapt

from the tub, Boughton said.

Boughton said she believes the death won't hurt her business.

Firing her assistant, she said, "wouldn't accomplish anything

for me" because she needs the extra help.

"My customers will follow me anywhere ...

we're very sought after," said Boughton.

- That's not a very good attitude, I don't think!
I would guess that the accident will in fact hurt her business!

Monday, July 14, 2008

America's first ever Milk-Bone® SpokesDog Contest

Americans love their dogs, who offer so much love and
companionship and ask for little in return. It's no
wonder so many pooch parents want to capture special
moments with their four-legged babies in photographs.

It's not so easy to snap a portrait of a pooch, but world famous

celebrity pet photographer Christopher Ameruoso is a pro.

His long client list includes Kate Hudson, Ben Stiller and

Courteney Cox-Arquette, and is testament to his

tremendous skill—as are his more than 40 magazine covers.

Christopher released the book of his favorite portraits,

Pets and Their Celebrities, and his column,

"Stars and Their Pets," can be found in the weekly magazine,

In Touch. He has also compiled video footage of

some of his favorite shoots into a one hour special,

Stars and Their Pets Behind the Lens.

Now Christopher Ameruoso shares with dog lovers

tips for a successful photo shoot, and information about the

nationwide search for America's first ever

Milk-Bone® SpokesDog.



Turbo Tagger

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dogs Can Get Electrocuted By Chewing Cords

My adorable sweet little Trixie, who is
9 months old, has been chewing through electrical
cords around the house! Luckily, she has not been

I don't know if this is beacuse she is still teathing??
She has plenty of rubber toys to chew on.
Any ideas on here to stop here?
Someone suggested Bitters Apple Spray...

If your dog has been electrocuted you will need to get him
to a vet for emergency care. In the meantime, until you
can get the dog to the vet, there are some
emergency first aid things you can do.
Emergency First Aid for your dog.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Does Your Dog Need Prozac Medication?

Does your dog suffer from
separation anxiety or aggression?

Reconcile, a Prozac for dogs could address his issues.

Jeff Millman, of Chicago, trains dogs and did an
article in the EXAMINER, about treating some
Read what he has to say!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jilli Dog on Disney TV

Did you see JILLI DOG on DISNEY??
Jilli is the hardest working Yorkshire Terrier in Show Business!