Friday, February 27, 2009

Manuel Almunia talks Miniature Yorkie for a Walk

A man and his little dog!
With a successful job in one of Europe's biggest football teams and a stunning wife on his arm, Manuel Almunia clearly doesn't feel insecure about his masculinity.

Away from the macho world of the football pitch, the Arsenal goalkeeper certainly looked comfortable strolling down the street walking his new puppy.

There was no prizes for guessing the sex of the Almunias' young Yorkshire Terrier, who was dressed in a pink coat and matching lead.

Looking rather flamboyant in a red, blue and white quilted jacket and jeans, the couple was
Spotted near their home in Abbots Langley, Herts, the couple took their puppy out for a walk while popping out for a few groceries.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Job in the World - The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and working in Australia

for 6 months, exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

And your job is to write, blog,

photograph and tell the world about it!

That is what I hope to be doing this coming July!

Well, I will be lounging on the beach,

while my dad does all the work!

But I can't wait to play in that

beautiful ocean water!

Please take 90 seconds and view our

video and cast us a vote!

This would be a dream job for us!


Many thanks!

Derrick and Michael

Turbo Tagger

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

This is my second Valentines Day!

Tigger (the cat) - he's been around - he's kind of old.
About 16 cat years I think!
And I know I terrorize him! But he is FINALLY
starting to like me, after 16 months of living together!
I LOVE TIGGER! -Tigger is about
laying around and sleeping! I have energy!
And run, run, run!

xoxoxox Trixie

Scientists, veterinarians and dog owners have long questioned the
relationship between man and his best friend. Even philosophers
have ventured opinions on the idea: Plato described dogs as
"lovers of learning" and Voltaire refuted Descartes' theory
that dogs were merely unintelligent machines.

The idea that dogs feel emotions, specifically love, is debatable.
Though older schools of scientific thought refuted the
notion that dogs had human-like feelings, some researchers
today believe the subject deserves more attention.

Read the article!

Their loyalty is unconditional --
much like that between a parent and child,
that's for sure!

So, are those "puppy dog eyes" signaling true
love or a manipulation to get dog biscuits out of you?

What do you think???

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another PetSmart Horror Story

Please know, that I am not trying to bash PetSmart.
As a publisher, I interact with many people
and hear a lot of their stories.
I can not judge. I just pass on the stories
and you, the consumer will have to judge.
And if PetSmart wants to answer to all these
allegations, I will gladly run their response as well.
This came in today, from a former employee...

My heart breaks for each one of you who has lost your pet do to understaffed, undertrained people at Petsmart. More importantly and more tragic,
my heart breaks for the animals who have no control over their situation.

These animals are taken to Petsmart,where they are forced to indure cruel and inhumane treatement,(all for the almighty dollar),they get injured and spend their last moments suffering and more than ever needing the love and comfort of the pet parent.this business is not about the comfort or safety of the animals. I know because I worked for Petsmart in Dublin California, for about 5 weeks in June 2008.

They take in as many animals as they can rush them through the bath and groom as fast as they can so that they can make as much money as they can. I am an animal lover and donate much time to rescue and fund raising for certain groups. I resigned from Petsmart because I saw animals get hit because they would not move or get into the kennel, I saw them dragged and the day that I quit I saw an unattended dog jump out of the wash tub hanging from the leash restraint attached to the wall.

The bather just pulled the dog up by the leash and put it in the kennel while scolding the dog for jumping out. I was on the floor with another animal and could not get up in time to rescue. I secured the animal I was working with and went to check on the dog. It was just frozen with fear. I went to report this to the Assistant Manager, and I shared what abuse I had witnessed in the past 2 weeks. I told her I was quitting because I could not stand to see this.

Places like this take in too many animals and tie them up all over in a very small room where the stressed and afraid animals can and do attack other animals. The animals are left tied and unattended (even though the rules say this can't be done). Stressed and mistreated animals many times would throw up and have loose stools for hours, and the owners are not called or told about the events. Instead they say the animal did fine and they talk all sweet and cutesy to your animal while you are there.

When I left I informed all the animal groups I work with and continue to tell every animal owner that I meet. If they must take their animal to be groomed they need to find a caring compassionate person who does grooming, not a company
that's just trying to make lots of money.

Remember too that the worst time for grooming is during holidays when many people want the animal all cleaned up and pretty. These places don't have occupancy requirements so they just keep taking in more animals and they tie them all over. It is very unsafe. Please use this tragedy to do something good for your loved one and all other animals
so that they will not suffer the same fate.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yorkie Farts!


Our 1.5 year old started farting 2 days ago!

Her diet has been same...
she has eaten nothing unusual...
She farts while sleeeping....
Usually farts between 3pm - 10pm...

It's the strangest thing.
So I looked online and found this

It's the funniest thing!
Some Yorkies have loud farts....
some have silent killers....
some fart in the car....
some fart while sleeping!
Anyone else have this problem?

Should I consider changing her diet?
She has eaten the same brand (Royal Canin for Yorkies)
since birth. I don't know what to do!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yorkies Say DON'T BE A HATER! With Anita Bryant Shirts from James Anthony Apparel

Pets are a wonderful source of love!

For many people, their dogs are their best friends.

Pets love unconditionally.

Much like children, they know no prejudice, no hate,

they don't judge people based on race, religion

or sexual orientation.

Why can't the whole world be like that?!

A new friend of ours, James Anthony Apparel presents an artistic revival of the popular “ANITA SUCKS FRUITS” Tshirt of the late 70’s, developed to counter Anita Bryant’s hateful campaign of hatred towards the LGBT community and equal rights

(think this is ancient history, think again).

The updated version of this historic image is printed on a 100% Cotton shirt with Ms. Bryant’s freshly PIED face on the back and the words “ANITA SUCKS FRUITS” on the front angled on the waistline. All inks used are non-toxic and cured to avoid fading or running of colors/imagery. The proceeds of the sale of this shirt go to the LGBT Community Center in

New York City and the Human Rights Campaign.

*James Anthony Apparel offers Men's, Women's, Children's and Baby Clothing featuring hand printed illustrations from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries! We specialize in large screen images and intense ink colors! Reintroducing the fine art of line drawings, etching, woodcuts and early ink illustration to a new generation of fashion conscience- art enthusiasts.

Visit James Anthony @ ETSY
or MySpace to order and see more!