Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dogs Saves Another Dog

A dog saves another dog!

One dog is hit by a truck, and another dog comes onto the freeway to help him, and drags him inch by inch to safety. Finally some workers see the dogs and jump into help!
Dogs are so smart! WATCH NOW

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tiny Yorkies With Big Hearts


What he lacks in size, a 14-OUNCE Yorkshire terrier named Little Dude more than compensates in his ability to touch the hearts of those who come in contact with him.

For this reason his owner, Dan Armstrong, a groomer at Village Veterinarian in Lady Lake (Florida) , is working with one of the practice’s veterinarians to use the tiny pup to provide comfort to wounded veterans.

Armstrong, who lives in Rutland, said Little Dude was born May 5, 2009, and weighed a mere 1.5 ounces at birth. “He almost fit into a tablespoon,” Armstrong said.

Little Dude also faced a serious medical problem early on — he was born without an elbow joint on his right front leg. Despite his veterinarian’s reservations about operating on such a small puppy, she was able to fuse his bones together. He still can’t walk on his front legs.

Over the past year Armstrong has worked to prepare Little Dude to go and meet with veterans. Armstrong has teamed up with Rick Munsell, a veterinarian at Village Veterinarian, to bring that idea to fruition.

“He visits veterans, right now, in their homes,” Armstrong said of Little Dude. “We’re hoping to get him to a veteran’s hospital either in Tampa or Gainesville, so he can visit veterans there.”

Read more about their program at DAILY SUN.

This breeder in Florida showed this tiny dog in 2003. Tiny Pinocchio, a steel blue and tan 1-year-old Yorkshire terrier, tips the scales, if you could call it that, at an even 1 pound. He is 8 inches long, stands 4.5 inches tall at his shoulder, and fits comfortably in a baseball cap.

Dr. Michael Rumore, a veterinarian at Lake Seminole Animal Hospital, where Noki (Tiny Pinocchio's nickname) gets his regular checkups. "I honestly think it is the smallest dog in the world. He's highly abnormal, even for a toy breed."

There are several possible causes, Rumore explained, including hormonal deficiencies or some unknown form of canine dwarfism. "He just stopped growing at eight weeks," Rumore said, "although he has matured and he's healthy.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Yorkie Blog is Famous and so Is My Dad, Derrick Sorles

When we started this little blog about dogs,
it would become so popular?
This was the first blog my dad's launched
back in 2007, and it grew to be so popular.
We now attract over 10,000 readers a month
from around the world, who love dogs and Yorkies.
Last week, they interviewed my dad about this blog.
You can read it at Blog
Yorkies Rule!