Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thousands of dogs go missing or are stolen
every year and the figures are growing alarmingly.
Dog theft is on the increase and it's said to
be the fastest growing crime in the UK.
Yorkies crimes especially seem out
of control.
In the UK, Alfies Lost Terriers has
been set up online.
"Our aim is to offer help, advice and
support to the owners of missing dogs of all shapes and sizes."
Visit their site! This is a great idea and
there needs to be more of these sites!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


People fall in love with tiny dogs!
They are like little toys!
But is a Yorkie right for you and your family?
A true beauty
A lapdog who loves attention
Loyal to his owner
Vigilant watchdog

Gorgeous coat must be groomed
AT LEAST three times a week -
unless you keep the coat short,
like a puppy cut.

S/he'll always bark - you can curb but not eliminate it
Usually do not get along with young children,
they prefer a quieter lifestyle
There’s enough terrier to cause them to chase moving
targets. Buy a good leather leash and body harness.

NOTE: I don’t recommend using a leash and collar for walks.
Attach a leash to a body harness, not a collar.
The collar is only to hold dog tags, not drag the dog around.
This is a small, somewhat fragile dog.
Tugging and pulling on the collar around your
dog’s neck can contribute to a collapsed trachea and
other neck damage. Use a body harness.
They do require attention and playtime.
They don't like being left alone
for hours on end.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Vanessa Williams was reunited with her stolen
Yorkshire terrier Enzo last Wednesday thanks to a locator
microchip that had been implanted inside of its body.

The actress appeared yesterday morning
on “Live with Regis and Kelly” and explained how Enzo,
thankfully, was already registered with pet
recovery service Home Again, which places a microchip
the size of a grain of rice into a furry loved one so that it can
be tracked down in case he or she is lost, or in Williams’ case, dognapped.
Williams said her pooch was tracked down to a man who
had stolen Enzo out of her yard in Chappaqua, NY on
Memorial Day, and was found with the dog
across state lines in Connecticut.
The former Miss America had raised concerns with
police that a dognapping ring could be operating around
her Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Police, however, were
ready to blame the missing dog on hungry coyotes in the wooded area.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yorkie Scams

It has been a record year for Yorkie
stealings and Yorkie scams.
Puppy scams are popping up in both online and print classified ads.
The seller appears to be local and offers free English bulldogs or
Yorkshire terriers. But when contacted by e-mail, the seller says
he or she is in Africa on a religious mission and promises to ship
the dog overnight for a few hundred dollars. After getting the money,
the seller never ships a puppy.
It's difficult for people to recover money in an international
Internet scam because what's considered fraud in the United
States may be legal in another country, said Ken Huffer,
special agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service's
Phoenix, Ariz., field office.
"Unless they step on U.S. soil, it's difficult to make an arrest," he said.
"It's like the Nigerian advance fee scams we've been
seeing for years, except with the face of a puppy,"
said Steve Cox, a Better Business Bureau council vice president.
No matter how much was paid, no puppies arrived.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Potty Training A Yorkshire Terrier

Potty training can be a nightmare for
some dog owners. We got this
question sent in today....
"I have 12wk yorkie. I would like to know what
is the best way to potty train.
I live in an apartment that has carpet all over
except for the kitchen at the bathroom.
I tried taking him outside but he doesn't go potty.
He does it when he comes back inside.
I found out from the breeder that my boyfriend
got him from that the dog is not use to grass only
the potty pads. I have him in a baby play pen where
is bed is at one end and the potty pad is at the other.
I just recently bought a crate for him but he went a peed
in the crate. In desperate need
of help on what to do. Thanks!"
Being used to potty pads may be why he is
not going outside. - Although I was trained
on paper when I was very small and introduced to
grass I think, around 8-9 weeks.
Maybe try putting the potty pad outside will get
him to do his business outside....maybe even
spinkle some grass blades on the pad...
anyone have thoughts or personal
stories to share???