Saturday, December 20, 2014


Since we first got our Yorkie as a tiny puppy - we had decided to pad train her.  We live on the second floor  in Chicago  and knew it would be easier than taking her out, in the COLD!  several times a day.

Pee pads make life so much easier!

We have tried a couple brands, the these Poo Pee Pads ARE THE BEST!

 They  have been supplying veterinary professionals for over 20 years.  Now you can buy their professional quality PooPeePads™ direct – and save!  Their  pads offer the highest quality at the lowest price – including sealed edges, tear-resistant top sheet and leak-proof backing.

The Deluxe Scented pad has a unique scent that attracts puppies and dogs!  And these  pads absorb up to twice as much as the leading competitors. PLUS they are up to 35% less expensive!

I use the DELUXE  and  LOVE THEM!

Check it out!

Yorkies that Spy

Do you walk around your house, and your Yorkie keeps an eye on you?

This one doesn't miss a thing!

Monday, December 15, 2014