Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Does Your Yorkie Get Bad Breath?

This is cool!
What dog likes their teeth brushed? Not Many!

While this is not a substitute for teeth brushing - it will kill bad breathe!

Your dog will gladly  LICK  their bad breath away!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The BEST Poop Bags Ever Invented

PoopBags.com, the Chicago-based company enjoying its tenth year of reducing carbon pawprints, is excited to announce their newest product,
 the PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll.
“The entire world is now realizing that plastic bags are simply bad for our Earth.” says Paul Cannella, founder and owner of PoopBags.com. A dog owner, Cannella began PoopBags.com in 2003 after researching the residual negative effects that regular, non-biodegradable plastic bags have on our environment. Ten years later, has been named the best rated biodegradable dog poop bags on Earth and PoopBags.com offers several different solutions for environmentally responsible dog ownership.
The company is proud to be a locally-grown operation that produces many products in the USA.PoopBags.com offers a wide variety of dog waste disposal products
to suit consumers’ varying needs.

What the PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll offers is convenience; each roll fits handily into most common bag holders and leash attachments. Dog walkers can easily pull off an individual PoopBag without fuss, and the PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll’s pliability ensures that pickup will be clean and easy. There’s enough room on top to tie a knot, and the bags are strong enough to prevent tears.

The newest addition to the PoopBags ECO-ECO suite, the PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll is ECOnomical and ECO-friendly; meeting three national standards (ASTM 5510, ASTM D5208 and ASTM D6954-04) for biodegradability. Whether you choose to dispose of them in a landfill, or just toss them onto the ground, they’ll disappear into the Earth in between nine months to five years. The PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll are made of 30% post-consumer recycled content, and do not require heat, light, oxygen or mechanical stress to degrade.

The PoopBags ECO-ECO on a Roll are available in retail packs of 4 rolls (60 bags) or 8 rolls (120 bags), and each roll features 15 tear-off bags.  The  units can be ordered and
shipped by the case, with 48 retail units per case.
 visit PoopBags.com.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Haircuts for Yorkies

Dad said it's time for a haircut!   Off to see a new groomer......

Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet Hairy Pawter - A Yorkie in Illinois

How cute is that?!

"I'm a 3 lb. Yorkshire Terrier and I live with my mommy, American Pops Standards recording artist Denise Brigham. She takes very good care of me!

I'm a lucky little puppy! I live in a very loving home with a family that takes very good care of me. They feed me home cooked meals, give me warm baths, groom me and even brush my teeth. I love to play and I have lots and lots of toys. I'm a doggie "model" for advertising and I'm going to be a star on stage in my mommy's concerts!"