Friday, June 1, 2012

Fiona - Another Great Rescue Story!

Another great video and story!  Somehow, we missed this last year. But thanks to Debbie,Lady Bug and Bebe - for sharing this story.

Fiona was blind in both eyes, living amongst a trash pile, when she was found. A vet had said he could restore sight in one eye. So  the video  went up, and went viral, with pleas for donations to cover her $3000 surgery.

Miraculously, within a week, enough people had donated money that Fiona was able to undergo the surgery. Two weeks later, Hagar uploaded a follow-up video, titled “Fiona Can See Now!” featuring the transformed pooch running around and wagging her tail to the strains of Jimmy Cliff singing “I Can See Clearly Now.”

Read more and WATCH  now! It's a touching story!

see also  HOPE FOR PAWS - the people behind the rescue
If you read their book online - they get 10 cents for every download. 

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debbie53dog said...

Derrick, I wanted to mention just one more thing. They took the first two videos and made the third with Avril Lavigne's song I'm With You and that's the one that went viral and helped raise the most money for Fiona's surgery. If you haven't watched the third video this is the one to see, you will shed a tear.
Thanks, Debbie,Lady Bug and Bebe