Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Time and Yorkies and HEAT STROKE

It's common sense; these little guys don't take much to over-heat.
Watch them closely, if you are out walking in the summer heat.
Watch for excessive panting; watch for dizziness.

On a recent summer day, a couple played with Samantha near the lake, tossing a small ball back and forth.

Things went tragically wrong, and the dog collapsed of a heat stroke.

She was rushed to an emergency animal clinic, but it was too late and she died.
“People tend to think their animal can just keep going that they’re less sensitive to heat than we are, they’re really not,“ said Amber Rowland of Town Center Animal Center. “They’re not going to be like your toddler and be like it’s hot mommy! They just have to use their bodies and we have to pay attention to what their bodies are saying to us.“

Look for signs like dizziness, vomiting, trembling muscles, heavy panting with a dry tongue and lying down without trying to get up.

“Get them out of the heat, get them into a cool environment and provide them with plenty of fresh, cool water,“ said Rowland.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dog That's Just Dyeing to be a Tiger

Leave it to China!
If you can't own an exotic pet, just dye your dog!
I have seen pink Poodles and blue Bichon Frise
But check these out!
The latest trend in China.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Summer Haircut For HOT Yorkies

You really can't tell from my photos -
But the top one was shot last night, BEFORE the big Haircut...
And the bottom one was shot today, AFTER the BIG HAIRCUT!
I am pretty much SHAVED! But at least I'll be cool
for the summer months!
I love going to HAPPY TAILS in Chicago -
They feed me treats and pamper me!