Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yorkie Scooting May Have Anal Gland Issues

I could not find a photo of a Yorkie scooting his butt on the floor - but I did want to mention this problem. A reader wrote in  and said her little Yorkie was scooting around her carpet, and she checked the anal area and it appeared to be clean - and wondered what was up?

ANAL GLANDS. It is not a pleasant topic but something pet owners (dogs and cats) must be aware of. If left untreated, it could cause huge problems and costly vet bills!

Anal glands are two, very small secretion glands that are located just to the outside  of a dogs (and cats)  anus. These glands were used to allow a Yorkie  ( Yorkshire Terrier ) or cat to mark its territory by secreting a thick, mucous substance that has a very strong and unpleasant odor. And this is also why many dogs like to sniff another dogs rear end.

 Most Yorkies no longer  mark their territory this way, but the anal sacs or glands still remain. In normal conditions, and proper diet,  the glands empty when the Yorkie has a bowel movement with the contraction of the anus forcing the mucous material from the glands.

In some dogs and cats the anal glands can become stopped up and do not drain with a bowel movement or with natural friction, resulting in a painful condition known as an impaction.  When this happens an animal should see a vet ASAP.  If left untreated, you could have a huge on your hands and a costly vet bill. These impacted glands may cause the dog to stop and constantly lick at the area, or may, more commonly, cause the dog to "scoot" across the floor, grass or carpet.

Scooting is actually rubbing their bottom  in an attempt to empty the glands and reduce the pressure. If this works, what is left is a nasty, smelly, foul substance all over your rug or floor that is often mistaken for fecal material, when in fact it is mucous from the anal glands.

Often people believe that this scooting behavior is seen when the Yorkie has worms, and although that may be the case, it is more likely to be problems with blocked or impacted anal glands. And the dog should see a vet ASAP.

Some people will express their dogs anal glans themselves. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, unless you have a very strong stomach and are prepared for a big mess. And you should have a vet or groomer show you how to do it the first time.

When you are expressing the anal glands, the contents can  squirt out unexpectedly and be messy. The odor can be quite foul, and expressing the anal glands may make you heave and it may make you feel a little ill if you have a weak stomach. A vet or groomer may charge $15-$25 to do the service.

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