Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Winter Clothes For Your Small Dog - Not Just Cute, But Also Practical

Regardless of the size or breed of dog, winters can
be challenging for all pets. Several factors determine how
dogs cope during the winter months.
Most small dogs should wear coats and/or some kind
of footgear, if you can get them to wear them.
We got our dog used to wearing clothes when she
was a baby. So now she doesn't mind a little jacket or sweater
now and then.
Boots, she is still not thrilled with!
She gets cold very easy. So it is for her own good.
If your dog appears to be having difficulty coping with the outdoors
during winter (e.g. shivering, reluctant to go outside, unable
to get around in the snow, wants to go indoors after a short period of
time, etc.), you may have to make some adjustments. For example,
you should make sure that your dog does not stay out too long
when temperatures hit the freezing mark.
Conversely, if your pet spends most of its time indoors during the
winter, it will tend to have a significantly reduced level of activity
and may put on extra weight.

In these cases, it is a good idea to reduce the food intake slightly in order
to compensate for their lowered energy requirements. Indoor pets should
also be encouraged to exercise more frequently.


whogivesaFwhatIdo said...
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Anonymous said...

While I have heard a lot about how it is a good idea to have your dog wear clothes during the winter, I have not heard alot about reducing their food intake as they are not as busy. That is a great point to bring up!