Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A breath of Fresh Air

So my new thing this summer is ,  my dads now let me go out on our small deck! Before, I used to take off running. But I have learned to NOT do that anymore. And it's so nice to run outside a few times a day and sniff around the plants and flowers!  HEAVEN!


Anonymous said...

FYI: the family I bought my Yorkie from told me that once a large bird swooped down and grabbed their male Yorkie because they weren't close enough to it when they were outside. Their dog was about 2-3 pounds, and they were very lucky that the bird dropped it in flight before it was able to fly very far or high. They told me this so I would always be just a few feet away from Snoopy at all times to ensure her safety by my precense scaring any other animal away. I would hate for anyone to loose their best friend.

derrick sorles said...

Yes - I had a friend in Michigan with a big yard, and they would let their Yorkie out back - and I was told a huge bird, hawk or some kind, actually took the dog away! It was very small, like 3 pounds.

debbie53dog said...

I was at a Yard Sale years ago and I had my Toy Poodle with me. The woman having the sale started a conversation and told me her daughter had given her a tiny Toy Poodle to keep her company. It was small around 3 pounds. She left the pup outside in her backyard and was watching from the house. As she waited at the door she saw a Hawk pick the pup up and fly away. She never found the pup and she said it haunted her because there was nothing she could do. Sad but it can happen.