Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yorkie Waits Patiently For 2 Days

This is so crazy!

A 9-month-old Yorkshire terrier wasn't about to leave a Missouri rest stop without his master. Mistakenly left behind by an Arkansas truck driver, Rambo waited there for two days until his owner was able to track him down. 

Rambo jumped out of Michael Siau's rig when Siau stopped at a rest area near Hannibal on Friday, the Hannibal Courier-Post ( ) reported.

"Didn't even cross my mind that he might jump out. He never has before," Siau said. "I jumped back in the truck, put it in gear and drove off. And I just thought he was in the back asleep."

Siau made it all the way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 170 miles to the north, before he realized Rambo was gone. But he knew if he turned around, his schedule would be thrown off and his job jeopardized.

Siau said he was "freaking out" as he tried to determine where Rambo was lost. He finally concluded the puppy must have gotten out in Missouri.

Siau began calling authorities. By Sunday morning, he had learned Hannibal had jurisdiction over the rest area. Hannibal animal control officer Tim Ledbetter was sent to the site.

Sure enough, little Rambo was there, sitting patiently.



Kimberly&Snoopy said...

Job or no job I would have went back the second I found out my dog was missing! I love my dog to the point that I would give my own life for her. I'm sorry to offend anyone but that is the way it is between Snoopy & I and it will always be that way.

Kimberly&Snoopy said...

Job or no job I would have turned around the second I found my dog missing! I know this to be true. I would give my own life for Snoopy, I love her that much, it is just the way it is between Snoopy & I. People that know me know that what I say is true. I love her more then I love life. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I do not want to live without Snoopy.

derrick sorles said...

I agree! I would have said F*$% my job for one day - that little dog needed me to turn around and find him! He is SO LUCKY someone did not snatch him up.