Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yorkie Mail

I get the nicest mail!
I got this letter today...
"Hi Coco and Coco's daddy,
I have just been enjoying your Blog
and thought I'd write a note to say how wonderful
it is with all of the pictures and stories, etc. Such a nice thing to do.
We have two Yorkies named TeddyBear (boy who is 4 1/2 yrs.)
and BabyDoll (girl who is 4 yrs.). They are half-brother and sister
and they are wonderful little treasures. Such personalities and
incredibly loving. I feel sorry for people who haven't
experienced the unconditional love of a dog ...
especially a toy breed.

Our human child is grown and has left the nest,
so these two Yorkies are most definitely our babies and
we are not embarassed to say so. Dogs are little angels
sent from heaven to enrich our lives and to help us experience
what true devotion is. They are a tremendous blessing.

Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us Yorkie lovers.
I am most fortunate to have purchased Coco's book from
eBay a couple of years ago and when I wrote to tell
her daddy how much I loved the book ... he generously
sent me another copy as a gift ...
so thoughtful and much appreciated!"

Yorkie hugs,
TeddyBear, BabyDoll & Mommy
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Bye-Bye Doggy Breath -- Dental Care for Dogs
Author: Marian Brown
Dental care in dogs and cats has become quite common
over the last six years. Like humans, dog teeth
and gums are also susceptible to the same oral health problems -
Gingivitis and Periodontal disease.
Unlike humans, animals rarely get cavities.
This is because cavities are primarily caused by the
high sugar content of the human diet.
Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria and plaque
which attach the soft gum tissue of the mouth.
The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis.
This is very common. In this stage, the bacteria have mixed
with saliva and formed plaque. The plaque adheres to the teeth
and hardens, forming tartar and calculus.
These tartar deposits irritate the gum tissue and cause
inflammation, swelling and infection.
It is this stage that gingivitis is most notable.
Early warning signs of gingivitis are sensitive gum tissue,
redness or bleeding gums, trouble eating/chewing and
bad breath. Yes, the dreaded "doggy breath"!
The breath may take on a sulfur (rotting eggs) odor from the
by-products of the bacteria in the mouth.
This is often the first sign of gingivitis and serious dental problems.
There are now pet oral hygiene solutions on the market
that can be added to pets' drinking water. These are convenient to use
and are formulated for animals. Owner compliance with these
programs, unlike with daily brushing, is much higher.
They are odorless and colorless.
Marian Brown has been active in holistic health
care for over 20 years. She is editor of Holistic Health News.
Visit our site at
for more information!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yorkie Helps Family With Disability

A story from the UK I found -

Sometimes people forget that little dogs can
be much more than just fashion accessories or toys
for celebrities to carry around in purses.

All too often little dogs are not given much discipline or
direction and they become nasty little beasts as they grow up.
Sadly, this reflects on the entire breed.

But it isn’t just the big, mature dogs—the Golden Retrievers,

and German Shepherds—that work as service dogs.

Small dogs work especially well in situations with young children.

One tiny young black Yorkshire Terrier

has shown that he can be extremely crucial in

helping a family with disabilities.
A national charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People,

His owner, Dawn Munslow, is deaf.

She has three small children; one is also deaf and two

have special needs. Frazier had been with the family for only

4 ½ months, when he proved himself to be a vital family

member and now they can’t imagine life without him.

One morning Frazier came up to Dawn and tapped

her with his paw as he has been taught to do when the

doorbell rings, but this time the tapping was a lot more urgent.

She quickly followed him upstairs where her four

year old daughter had collapsed and was crying in pain.

She rushed her daugher to the hospital.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People selects and trains dogs

to respond to sounds and to alert deaf people by touching them

with a paw and leading them back to the source of the sound.

For smoke and fire alarms they are trained to lie down.

Seventy-four per cent of them are rescued or unwanted dogs.

After training they are provided at no charge to the people

who need them. More than 1200 hearing dogs have

been placed since it was begin in 1982.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Cataracts and the Yorkshire Terrier

About 2 years my vision started to slip
and my daddy noticed. And one of my eyes
got a little cloudy.
Yorkies tend to develop cataracts in their old age, but
luckily, our small size limits the effects of conditions such as arthritis.
In most cases, the cataracts can be removed. They
could not remove all of mine - but I still see pretty well.
The problem can occur in one or both eyes
and can lead to blindness. So make sure
you keep an eye on your dog's eyes!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yorkie Candy Bar

My dads thoughtfully brought this clever
candy bar back from their trip to England.
A great blend of chocolately goodness but I don't
really get it......
Not for girls?
Not available in pink?
I don't get it....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gildas House and Sparkle Yorkshire Terrier Benefit

The mission of Gilda's Club is to provide meeting
places where men, women and children living with
cancer and their families and friends join with others
to build emotional and social support as a supplement
to medical care. Free of charge and nonprofit,
Gilda's Club offers support and networking groups,
lectures, workshops and social events in
a nonresidential, homelike setting.

There are chapters of the club in many Eastern cities,

and a few more scattered around the US.

Gilda's Club South Florida unveiled their new ‘Gilda’s on the Go’

van.After the ceremony, the staff and volunteers hit the road on a mission.

They plan to visit more than 30 hospitals in a single day

to distribute nearly 3-thousand Sparkle plush toys,

named for Gilda Radner's favorite Yorkshire Terrier,

to children and their families touched by cancer.


The same playful and expressive face that made the

real-life canine companion of Gilda Radner a cherished pet has

been recreated by RUSS' talented design team to

commemorate the joy for life that the comedian shared with the world.

he can be ordered online,

and will benefit Gilda's House.

Monday, March 19, 2007


A manufacturer recalled 50 brands of dog food and 40
brands of cat food over the weekend after its products were linked
to kidney failure and death in 10 animals.
The products were gravy-style foods packaged in cans
and pouches. They were sold at national retailers including
Wal-Mart, PetSmart and Safeway.
The manufacturer, Menu Foods, said it hasn't yet
discovered the cause of the problem, which affected
brands including Iams and Eukanuba.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Yorkshire Terrier Dognappings

Tiny dogs are often the target of dognappings.
In the UK recently,
A devastated dog owner is joining police in
an appeal for witnesses after a Yorkshire terrier was stolen from
outside a shop. Poppy, a three-year-old dog,
was tied up outside a store. Film footage shows the dog being taken away
by a young man or boy while its owner was inside.

Jacqueline Horner, 51, said: "She's lovely and would
go with anyone - she's too nice and not aggressive."
That's the problem with so many dogs.
They have such kind hearts they would in fact
go with anyone.
A Texas town has reported a string of
dognappings. A Yorkshire Terrier was stolen right out a woman's
parked car. Since then, more stolen terriers have popped up.
The owner of a Boston Terrier says her dog was taken
right out of her fenced yard. Since her dog "Radar" has gone
missing, Lynn Kelly says she's placed ads in the paper
and put up fliers. Because of it, she says she's received many calls
from other owners claiming their terriers have also been stolen.
Lynn says she thinks someone is stealing the dogs and
reselling them, leading her to believe there's a stolen dog ring,
right here in East Texas.

"I don't know if people are just cruising by and you know,
maybe they're keeping their eyes open for them,
maybe it's spur of the moment, maybe they are seeing
them and coming back, I don't know....but I think something's
going on, something's going on," she says.
"They didn't steal my dog, they stole my heart."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yorkshire Terrier Saffy Swallows Needle

Animals are like children.
And you really have to pet-proof your house in a
similar way you would child-proof it. Animals are
inquisitive. They like to investigate things!
Little Saffy was taking to her vet with a bad cough.
Come to find out, she swallowed a 2-inch sewing needle!
Saffy's owner Susan comments: “I caught Saffy playing with
the cotton reel, but had no idea the needle was missing.
It was only when she started making retching noises and
pawing at her mouth that I realised something
was wrong and she needed to see a vet straightaway.”

Saffy was taken to the hospital where a long thin
object was discovered at the back of her throat. Veterinary Surgeon,
Eva Rodriguez, comments: “Saffy must have caught sight of the
shiny needle and while playing with it, accidentally
gulped it down. She was very lucky not to have swallowed it!”
Saffy’s throat was very sore, so she was given
medication to reduce the swelling. After a few hours rest,
she was bright, alert and very hungry!
Susan says: “It was heart-breaking to see Saffy so distraught.
She’s usually so happy and bursting with energy.

“Although she’s been on her best behaviour
since the accident, my sewing box is now locked away
and the whole family makes sure we don’t leave any small
items lying around the house, just in case!”
Moral of the story: pay attention to what your dog investigates.
Don't leave small items out.
If a child could choke on it, so could a dog.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Custom Yorkie Yarn from Your Pet's Hair

I have never heard of this,
but a lady from Nebraska contacted me and
said she can turn your pet's hair into yarn
that you can then work with or she can even make into
a keepsake scarf!
"Fur-Ever Creations specializes in making this yarn,
sometimes called cheingora, so that you can have a lasting
memory of your pet and a great way to brag about
the special member of your family. We can spin just about any
kind of hair, provided that it is at least 2” long.
The longer the hair, the better the yarn will be."
· It’s a wonderful, lasting memory of your pet.
With a little TLC, your yarn will last a lifetime—or longer!

· It’s a great way to show off your award-winning pet!

· It’s chic! More and more people are discovering
that they can make fashion statements with garments
made out of their pet’s hair.

· It’s a great way to get some use out of all
that hair your pet sheds anyway.

· It’s warm! Animal hair is meant to keep your pet warm,
so it makes sense that it will keep you warm, too.
There’s nothing like using your pet’s hair to make a scarf,
sweater, or hat to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Flying Yorkies

If you own a small dog,
you have probably heard about hawks
swoopping down of them.
Also, high winds, will literally life me off the
the ground sometimes!
I read that in 1993, a tiny Yorkie in Texas,
was airlifted clear out of her yard!
"we knew she had been carried away,"
said owner Jim Davis, "because a neighbor
saw her flying in the air about 15-20 feet up!"
The tiny dog actually survived the air flight!
She was found 2 days later about 2 miles away!

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Quarter Pounder

According to the Guinness Book,
The world's smallest dog living is Whitney,
(this photo IS NOT HER)
a Yorkshire terrier who measured 3 inches to the shoulder and
9.5 inches from nose to tail-tip on November 26, 2002.
Whitney is owned by Christopher and Patricia Sheridan of Essex, UK.
In 1945, allegedly, there was a Yorkie who was a mere 2 1/2" tall
and 3 - 3/4" long! The pup weighed 4 ounces!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Exercising Cat

I just had to share this
funny picture!
I hope it makes you laugh!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Where Did Yorkies Come From?

(some of my Yorkie Flickr Friends!)

It is said,
Many years ago in England,
a wee breed of dog was developed from humble terrier stock
of many a disputed source. Its spirit was tenacious
and unquenchable - with an added spoon full of mischief.
Faithful and true was the heart they gave him.
Though coated with soft, shining blue and gold fit for
a queens parlor - this little one seldom stays beautiful with grass,
dirt and holes to explore.
Being designed as companion to Yorkshire’s weavers small homes -
this small fellow handled the vermin population which sought food
in the residences around the Factories and mills.
If ever man was meant to have a dog so perfect a friend -
it would be the Yorkshire Terrier!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Designer Dog - Monogrammed Yorkie

This cute photo was posted in
THE ONION this week.
Known for their crazy news, I guess
this shows how far some people will go
with their designer dogs!