Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yorkie Lover Terry Shumansky

I come across the most amazing people
and the most amazing stories everyday!
While doing some research I came across Terry Shumanksy.
Terri was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to breeding
and caring for toy dogs, mainly Yorkies, for over 30 years.
She was an AKC approved judge and raised over 35
homebred champions. In 2000, she wrote her own book titled,
Terri was a leading advocate of fundraising for the treatment
of liver shunt. She often donated proceeds from
the sales of hand made handicrafts for
the research and treatment of liver shunt.
Terry wrote numerous articles for various magazines
Having lost a dog of her own to the disease,
Terri was sympathetic with dog owners who could not afford
to have the expensive liver shunt surgery and offered to pay for a
portion of the treatment from funds collected through
the Fanny Mae Liver Shunt Fund.

Terri owned and operated the website,
(which is kept up, in her memory)
which offers helpful information on Yorkshire Terriers,
useful links, Yorkie pictures and a store of
hand crafted gifts made by Terri herself.

Terri had been battling kidney failure and went in to
have a shunt inserted for dialysis.
Unfortunately, the surgery did not go as planned and doctors
had to induce a coma. Her condition was deteriorating
and her family made the decision to take her off life support.
Her husband, John had been battling Parkinson's for many years
and his condition dramatically worsened as Terri became ill.
They were taken off life support on the same day and they
passed away within hours of each other on March 26, 2005.
Does that move you tears, or what?

Bad Hair Day for Yorkies!

Daisy Mae
Moi, yours truly!
A day on which one's hair seems unmanagable.
Also extended to mean a day when everything seems to go wrong.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992) first used the word and it
came into prominence in the English language!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Small Miniature Dogs are not Accessories - Small Dogs, Big Hearts

"They're small, they're cute,"
"People want little dogs. Celebrities carrying them around make
them look like they're accessories.
They are not wrist watches or wallets. They are dogs."
"There are a myriad of health problems with many of these dogs,"
emphasizes Darlene Arden, author of the book
"Small Dogs, Big Hearts."

Our breed, though undeniably "precious," has a temperament

that can be high-strung and, thanks to overbreeding,

is often beset by health problems that may require expensive surgery.

The likelihood that a casual buyer will become

disenchanted when the growing Yorkie — or any purebred,

for that matter — makes increasing demands concerns

Darlene Arden.

Ms. Arden urges prospective dog owners to do

extensive research before purchasing a dog, and to make sure

that they have the resources and time to devote to the animal.


She also emphasizes that the dog should be a good fit with the

owner's lifestyle: A towering great Dane is not a good choice

for someone who lives in a small,

cramped apartment. "I would like to see people pay more

attention to the characteristics of the dog, instead to what breed

is 'the flavor of the month'

or the one being carted around by some celebrity," she says.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Look Out P Diddy! This Yorkie Throws Down!

Found this little precious hip-hopper

FDA Approves Weight Drug for Dogs

Yes, even dogs can have weight management issues!
Celebrity Cecelia Judd Timberlake, a five-year-old Yorkshire terrier,
weighs 11 pounds and looks slightly heavier than the
average Yorkie. But the Food and Drug Administration and
Dog Owner's Guide magazine recently dubbed dogs like "CeCe" -
who owns pink frocks, a winter sweater and a collection of
rhinestone encrusted dog collars - obese. Can you imagine?
The FDA approved the first
drug of its kind to combat canines' fatness. The liquid drug, Slentrol,
by Pfizer (of course) manages obesity in dogs by reducing appetite
and fat absorption to trigger weight loss.
Slentrol will appear in pharmacies in April or May
and will cost between $1 and $2 per day.
The drug is dispensed by prescription only.
The drug should not be consumed by humans or cats.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Yorkie Friends

Ya gotta have friends!

I adore the 2 cats I live with.
One of them adore's me - the other one tolerates me!
It is not uncommon, for cats and dogs to form friendships.
After all, we're living under the same roof!
Yorkies though have big hearts full of love!

There is some great information online
at DUMMIES, for introducing a Yorkie to her new home
and roommates. Young Yorkies typically get along
with everyone! And usually, in time, the other pet's
in the house take a liking to us!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Truth about Teacup Yorkies

Generally speaking, there are two types of
Yorkshire terriers: standard and miniature.
Technically speaking,
there is no such thing as a teacup Yorkie.
Now it is true, as infants, some of us may fit into a teacup!
But a healthy Yorkie should weigh around 4-7 pounds.
Beware, some breeders try to create tiny dogs
in the 2-4 pound range, these could be extremely
vulnerable to health issues and problems.
Tiny, tiny dogs can have bones problems,
organ problems and teeth problems.
So when choosing your dog, make sure it is coming
from someone reputable.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A dog's work is never done!

My blog is a week old!
I think my eye's hurt from sitting
in front of this screen so much!

Fabulous Yorkies

FLICKR is on of my favorite websites
for photo sharing!

Thousands of people post their photos -
and some of them ARE REALLY GOOD!
I LOVE having my picture taken!
I am ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yorkies in Winter Wonderland

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

But the fire inside is so delightful!
Luckily, we have not had much snow this winter,
(thanks to Global Warming, my dad says)
But I know some areas got knee deep snow this year! BRRRR!
In the winter months, I always wear my doggie shoes
to go outside! I know, I probably look ridiculous,
but it really does protect my little paws from salt
and snow. At the very least, you should be
using something like MUTTLUKS Paw Protector or
MUSHERS Secret Paw Protecor, if you're
not wearing shoes!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Celebrities and their precious Yorkies

Pampered Pooches!
In the past 10 years, the pet industry has doubled
in size to $34 billion a year in revenue.
That includes everything from pet foods and toys to furniture
and paying fees for dog walkers, groomers, even pet therapists!
Tara Reid and her Yorkie

Gisele with Vida

Audrey Hepburn with Mr. Famous

Cindy Adams and her baby

Joan Rivers and Spike

Kelly Roland with her Yorkie

Venus Williams and her little baby.

It's not about the milk bones anymore!

The fastest-growing part of the pet industry is

super-high-end luxury items, such as the

$5,500 Swarovski crystal doggie vest that is the most

expensive item featured so far in "The New York Dog,"

a new magazine for that city's dog lovers.

Yorkie Rescues

There are numerous Yorkie Rescues around the country
helping Yorkies in need!

The Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Network

United Yorkie Rescue

Yorkie Rescue & Adoption

Rescue Me - Yorkie Rescue

Next Day Pets

Retro Doggy Rescue

Canadian Terrier Rescue

Bark Bytes

YTCA Rescue

Save A Yorkie

Yorkies INC

These are just some I found searching recently!
There are probably more!
PLEASE, consider helping our little friends!

You may be wondering why Yorkies would be in need of rescue.
Many owners either die or go into nursing homes;
other owners have major lifestyle changes likethe birth of a
child or a divorce or a transfer overseas.Some owners simply
tire of their Yorkies and take them to a shelter.
Some are found on the street and are taken to a shelter.
Some are puppy mill Yorkies who are seized during a raid.

Real Miniature Yorkies

Oh My Goodness!
I thought I WAS TINY.
I am a 4 pounder, but these gems are super tiny!

You know what they say,
FYI-If you considering a small dog,

Labradors number 1, Yorkshire Terriers number 2

IN a dog-loving nation, the lists seem to say something.

The American Kennel Club yesterday announced a shift
in its 10 most popular dog breeds in the nation and in the city,
or at least in that elite group of purebred dogs whose
pedigrees and papers are in order.

At a Rockefeller Center news conference filled with handlers,
dogs and photographers, the club noted that the dog
claming the No. 1 ranking had not changed.
Across the country, the most popular dog last year,
as it has been for 16 years in a row, was the Labrador retriever.

But the big news, the club said, was the No. 2 ranking
in both the city and the country: the Yorkshire terrier,
overtaking larger breeds like the golden retriever and the German shepherd.
The tiny Yorkie, favored by the wife played by Eva Gabor in
television’s “Green Acres,” had about
48,000 registrations in the United States, or 5%.

Fun Yorkie Gifts at Cafe Press

Did you know...
about this neat site called CAFE PRESS?
Double Dog Dare Ya to Dig on Down for
More Tasty Treats & Gear!
They have great gifts covering over 250 dog breeds!
And be sure to check out the cool doggie t-shirts.
Shop their marketplace and find coffee cups, t-shirts, and more.
Pick your own design and create it!
My dad got some cute doggie T-'s there!