Thursday, July 26, 2007

Britney Spears and Yorkie London, Back In The News

Pop Princess Britney Spears
came under attack last from the
Humane Society, when she ran into
a pet store and purchased a $3000
yorkie puppy named London, after
just 30 minutes.....The Humane Society
suggested she didn't give the purchase enough thought.
This week, Spears has given her first interview
since leaving rehab - and it all went terribly wrong.
Sources claim it was 'nothing less than a meltdown'.
Arriving for the photoshoot at a Hollywood mansion,
Britney, 25, is alleged to have been 'completely out of it',
at one point suggesting that the ceiling was about
to cave in. Rather than use the
professional make-up artist, it's claimed
that she insisted on doing her own make-up
which looked smeared and badly applied.
During the shoot, she ordered fried chicken
and afterwards allegedly wiped her hands on an
expensive Gucci dress. 'Britney was in a shocking state,'
a source claims in the Sun. 'She was babbling incoherently,
talking in baby talk. She didn't make sense.'
It's also alleged the singer used a Chanel dress to wipe
up the mess her new Yorkshire Terrier puppy
left when it relieved itself on the floor.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


longer hanging out together on the Hollywood
club scene, but the 26-year-olds seem to be still
in sync in other ways - recently having both
become mum to a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.
Paris, whose new pup is reportedly called Cinderella,
had hugs galore for the miniature Yorkie,
which sported its own doggie bikini as it
hung out with its famous owner on Malibu beach.
The latest addition to Britney's family, meanwhile,
arrived on Friday after the singer made a visit to
Pets of Bel Air. There she splashed out £1,500
on a mini Yorkie who she has dubbed London.
The mum-of-two, who bought a parakeet last
month, has been inseparable from her new
four-legged friend ever since, taking him along to a
dance studio and on a night out in LA. Cinderella
and London weren't the only pooches getting
A-list affection over the weekend. A host of stars,
including sisters Haylie and Hilary Duff - who had their
hands full with one canine guest - turned out for the
Bow Wow Wow fundraiser in Bel Air. The annual event
is hosted in support of the Much Love Animal Rescue shelter.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Safety

Each year, more than 10 million pets in America
become lost, and summer can be the most dangerous
time for pets. Whether escaping from yards, running away
after Independence Day fireworks or being displaced
due to seasonal natural disasters like hurricanes and
floods, summer is a dangerous time for pets to be outside.
In fact, July 5 has been pinpointed as the day of the year
when the most lost pets end up at shelters, according
to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
An estimated one in three pets will get lost in its lifetime,
and without proper identification,
90 percent of lost pets never return home.
HOME AGAIN is encouraging millions of dog and cat
owners nationwide to ensure their pets' safety
through microchipping and enrolling in a recovery database.

Independence Day Dangers:
Most pet owners can attest to the fact that
fireworks frazzle their pets.
Don't leave your dog or cat outside when
your city or town will be conducting fireworks
displays or a July 4 parade,
and ensure your pet has a cozy spot indoors where
they won't be tempted to run away.
Everyday Warm Weather Awareness:
No matter where they live, pet owners
should be aware that normal outdoor distractions,
such as birds and squirrels, increased outdoor
neighborhood activity and even seasonal
weather disturbances like thunderstorms
can cause pets to run away.
Pets should never be left alone outside,
even if they are in a fenced area.