Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dressing up Yorkies For Halloween

Is it wrong to dress up little dogs in cute clothes?
Some dogs get dressed up just for Halloween.
Experts say the answer lies with the individual pet.
Some dogs seem to like it - others do not.
Make sure costumes do not impede the pet's movements,
breathing or sight. And it's a good idea to not leave a dog
alone in costume - they could try pulling it off and injure themselves.

BEWARE of candy also on Halloween.

As everyone knows, chocolate can be deadly.

And small pieces of candy laying around can be trouble.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween Yorkie Dog Treats

Hello my lovelies!
It is MOI, Coco Chanel!
I tell you, it's not pretty getting old!
As I approach my 15th birthday they now
tell me I have ANOTHER cataract, in my OTHER EYE!
The first surgery was not 100% successful and my
vision is blurry in that eye, like looking through a windsheild
in the rain. So I don't know what to do....we may wait
till after the holidays to decide.
Halloween kicks off the holiday season. And it's
not just for adults anymore!
Fun costumes and great treats!
PetRX sells my favorite snacks -
"Liver Biscotti!" I also really like "Steakers".

Fall leads to Winter, unfortunately -
The winter weather is hard on pets.
Make sure you have the arthritis and pain medicine
you need to keep your pet moving. "Happy Hips"
is a great treat / medicine to help also.

Toodles for now!~

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Britney May Lose Custody of Yorkie

Britney Spears' Yorkshire Terrier may have to be taken into protective custody by the American animal rights group PETA.

Britney, who has been squeezing the dog very tightly in the last few days, seems to be having trouble composing herself in public. This may have something to do with losing custody of her children to her ex-husband a few days ago for being a bad mother.

Yesterday, whilst in Starbucks picking up a Frappucino, she was seen squeezing the poor mutt so tight that its poor little tongue was hanging out and its eyes seemed to bulge out of its little head. When a photographer brought this to Britney's attention, she finally relaxed her grip and continued snorting the Frappucino with the straw.

The dog has tried to escape the clutches of Britney a few times, but is always recaptured by her driver or bodyguard and then handed shivering back to its tormentor.

Some people in the crowds waiting to see Britney have taken to urging the poor dog to escape by shouting "Run, Toto, Run!"
Ex-husband Kevin Federline has been contacted by the animal welfare group, pleading with the wanna-be rapper to take responsibility of the fallen pop star's chihuahua, maltese and yorkshire terrier as well.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Love Thy Neighbor

Bobby is back!

The 17-year-old Yorkshire terrier, snatched from owner Bill Hardy's yard in Michigan last weekend, was rescued by two women who took the dog to a veterinarian's office Wednesday morning.

"He knew me when I picked him up,"
Hardy said. "He gave me a kiss."

The 6-pound dog, which has one rear leg that drags and is missing teeth, didn't have any obvious injuries from his ordeal, Hardy said. But Hardy said he planned to take Bobby to the veterinarian for a check-up.

"He seems to be a little bit shook up," Hardy said.

The two women who rescued Bobby saw him being tossed back and forth between two young people who were walking on the street, Hardy said. But Hardy said he had not yet talked to the women and didn't know where they found his dog.

Hardy said he was told the women ordered the young people to give them the dog or they would call police. They took Bobby to the veterinarian's office, where someone called Hardy.

Bobby went missing Saturday during a garage sale at Hardy's home. He said he believes three teenage boys were involved, and one of the boys distracted Hardy by asking about a lamp while the other two took the dog.

Based on a statement from one of the boys, they may have believed the dog was valuable, Hardy said.

Hardy said he would like to pursue criminal prosecution if he can find out who took his dog. But for now, he's just glad to have Bobby back.

"He's my best friend," Hardy said.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Economy May be Bad, but Pets Receive the Best of Everything

They say it's a dog's life, and for Obi, a sweet-faced Yorkshire terrier, it's hard to imagine life being much sweeter than this, according to the INDY STAR. The 2-year-old gets a regular wash and trim -- complete with plum-scented shampoo and all-natural conditioner -- from an at-home dog-grooming service.

"He's like a kid I can't write off," owner Peter Renai jokes.

Pet lovers like the Renai family of Pike Creek, Del., are fueling an explosion in spending on pets that runs the gamut from aromatherapy to hip replacements.
The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association forecasts Americans will spend $40.8 billion on their pets this year, nearly double the $21 billion dished out in 1996. This year's tab will include $16.1 billion for food, $9.9 billion for supplies and over-the-counter medication and $9.8 billion for veterinary care.

Pet ownership is at an all-time high, with 71.1 million households in the U.S., or 63 percent, owning at least one animal, the group says. Those numbers have caught the attention of financial analysts.
Cox predicts that the increasing number of pet owners paying for expensive medical treatments will spur an increase in the number of health insurance policies for pets. Less than 5 percent of owners now carry pet insurance, he said.

Whiskazz and Pawzz, in Hockessin, Del., sells gluten-free dog food, dog treats and pet-themed art work. Since the store opened five years ago, there's been a huge increase in the variety of pet-related products on the market, said owner Alyce Duffy, a retired corporate executive.

Duffy says owners aren't shy about indulging their pets because they provide the "loyalty and unconditional love" that don't always come from people.

"They're there for you," says Duffy, whose 9-year-old beagle, Cappi, has the run of the store!