Monday, February 22, 2010

Yorkie Health Issues and Life Span

A friend of mine who has a 14 year old yorkie, recently spent about $2800 to have cataracts surgery done on the dogs eyes. The surgeries were done 1 year apart - and really have not helped much at all he said.

Yorkies are generally tough little dogs, but the breed does sometimes experience certain health disorders. Congenital liver shunts, hypothyroidism, eye irratations and renal displaysia are the main problems facing the breed today.

My little Trixie has patella luxation, and some yorkies get premature dental disease and some puppies are born with open fontanels.

Be very careful when buying small dogs. Make sure you know where, how and who bred the dog.

Generally speaking, yourkies will live 12-17 years, with 15 being about average.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tango - Tale of an Island Dog - Yorkshire Terrier

Meant for kids, but I liked it!

Tango, a Yorkshire terrier owned by a wealthy model, is swept overboard in a storm and miraculously washes up on Prince Edward Island, barely alive. But his silver ID collar has fallen off. Desperate to return home, Tango meets a foster child who has no home and a lonely widow who does have a home but no one with whom to share it. Then a loyal, elderly fox and a band of vicious feral cats join the mix. Filled with thoughtful observances and lyric descriptions of the island, the writing is a treat. The sympathetic story has soul and substance.

You don't need to be a dog fan to love Tango.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orlando Bloom - Babysitting the Yorkie Again!

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom was spotted this weekend taking care of his girlfriend's pet dog, Frankie, once again. Seems like he is ALWAYS looking after that adorable little Yorkie!

According to, the actor carried the Yorkshire terrier through the Los Angeles set of The Good Doctor.

Frankie is said to belong to model Miranda Kerr, currently working in Australia.

Bloom apparently had to film a scene where he dives into the cold ocean fully clothed. - But kept the dog nearby.

"He's kind of aloof with people, but he's a good dog," Bloom said.