Friday, April 30, 2010

Horny Yorkshire Terrier That Humps Our Cat!

In the last 6 months, our 2 year old Yorkie (who is fixed)
has started to enjoy
the effects of humping! She LOVES to
climb up on top of our 16 pound cat
and hump her! Sometimes she will
hump our feet and legs too!
I know they say it's a sign of showing domination - but I think she likes the way
it feels too! Sometimes her tongue hangs out and her eyes roll in head!
It is so funny to watch - and the cat is good sport about it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yorkies in Las Vegas and Dallas

I have had a crazy few weeks!
My dad's got to go Las Vegas earlier this month.
So I stayed with my dear friends Jeff and Andi.
They are so nice to me! And they have a dog blog too.
My dad's came home for 5 days, then left AGAIN.
This time for Dallas. So I got to spend a few more days
back with Jeff and Andi!
Now things are calmed down a bit and we are all back home.
But all this talk about Las Vegas, reminded me of my
Yorkie friend JILLI. Have you been to her site?
She plays poker! Stop by and see her.
Trixie Lee

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summertime in Chicago! Dog Days at the Beach!

Yesterday was a glorious 75 and today was 83!
W O W!
Yesterday is slept in the window most of the day
and enjoyed the soft breeze and fresh spring smells.

Today, I got to the go the BEACH!

(Did you know, Chicago has over 30 beachs,
550 parks, and 40 miles of lakefront area? We go to
Hollywood/Osterman Beach mostly.)

It was our first day at the beach for year!
The Winter snow fences are not even down yet,
but about 50 people were out there enjoying the warm breeze
and rays of sunshine!

I got my feet a little wet - but of course, Lake Michigan
is chilly till July! But I met about 10 other dogs today
and we got to run around in the warm sand!

I am so glad Winter is over.
Summer in Chicago is glorious!