Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Unconditional Love You Get From Your Dog

How many people do you have in your life,
that love you unconditionally?
A dog does not care if you are rich or poor...
if you are a supermodel, or wear designer clothes!
A dog does not care if you are black or white....
A dog wants to be loved - and will give love in return.

Dogs serve us sometimes without asking or waiting not seeking any benefits for themselves. When you have just arrived home from work, they are ready and patiently waiting for you at the door so they can greet you right away. Your dog might wait for you to bend down so he can lick your face to give you his kisses or your dog might even jump up to you to show how much he missed you.

Dogs not only provide us with their unconditional love but at times they can act as our own protectors. Your dog might guard your house when you are asleep or away. If we are asleep, they might bark at the slightest noise that they hear and wait close by the door to make sure nobody enters that is not supposed to.

Dogs also show unconditional love when we get upset with them. They might put their head down and realize what they did was wrong. They might then come up to you and lick your face or give you their paw to show you that they are extremely sorry for what they have done. Maybe your dog is lying in your favorite chair or sitting area that you would like to sit in. You ask him or her to move and your dog obediently does what you want them to. They move to another resting area without any complaint whatsoever.

We might call their name and our dog comes running up to us, wagging his or her tail wildly. They are showing us how much they care and how happy they are that you are giving them some kind of attention.

Sometimes we might just dismiss or take for granted the unconditional love that our dog shows us constantly. We should always be aware of it and show how much we do appreciate it because one day our dog might not be there waiting for us at the door because God has decided to take him or her. You do not want to have any regrets so take the time out to show your dog the unconditional love that he or she has shown you.
My spirited little fluff ball shares my life and
my fortunes, and licks my tears if I feel misfortune.
Her very presence turns my serious face into a smile!
Treat your dog kindly and shower him with love and affection!

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