Sunday, February 19, 2023

RIP Miss Trixie Lee 2007-2022 -- Best Yorkie Ever


 We started  this blog  in 2007

About  the time  we  got  our little   Trixie  Lee. 

She  was  my  second  Yorkie.

And though we were not faithful keeping up  the blog, it still  attracted  lots  of  visitors and comments!

2022  was a  tough year  for  Trixie.

In  January, one of those  Petsmart  vets,  gave  her  2  shots  in the  same  rear  leg.

I was  later told  they should  have NEVER  given a small  senior  dog  2  shots  in the  same  leg  on the  same  day.

She had a horrible  reaction  1  hour  later  and  we spent  5  hours  in  the  Emergency Care.

She seemed to spiral downward  after that and began to have  elevated kidney  values. 

She  had  a  vertigo  like  "seizure"  in the Spring.

Summer  and  Fall  she had bouts  of  diarrhea.

Sadly,  December  2022,  we  had  to let her  go.

She  had terrible  diarrhea  and  it  was  a  black.  She  was no  doubt bleeding  inside.

But she was a little trooper till the end!   It broke our hearts  to put her  down  because  she really  did not  act sick - even though  she was  sick.   We did not want her to suffer any more.   So we let her go.

We held her little soft body  in our hands  and  we  cried tears  all over her.


We are getting  ready to relocate out of the country. The relocation probably would have been tough for her, so its probably for the best.  She had  15 great  years!  And  we think of her every day.

We will get one more  Yorkie,  once we are settled  in Mexico.

Yorkies  Are  The BEST

We Love you  forever  Trixie   :-)