Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dogs on Death Row

It just breaks my heart.  How can someone be SO LAZY, to just give up your dog and not even  TRY  to find  a new home  for the pet?  Just dump it off  and not care about the dog's feelings.  SICK!

It happens everyday, dogs are given up and their hearts are broken. Some are adopted out and many out there are put to sleep.

That's what happened to Miley, who was devastated when her owners surrendered her at at Los Angeles pound this week. Miley wouldn't raise her head, terrified at where she was she sat in the corner. Marley, who was another owner surrendered did her best to cheer Miley up. Trying to play with Miley and to get her to lift her head. Marley has already been dumped twice at the shelter, but has a big enough heart to try to cheer up her new friend Miley.

 Both dogs are currently on a tight timeline to find a home before euthanasia as the shelter has limited space. Please contact North Central Animal Care and Control Center at (888) 452-7381, Miley's ID # is A1530442, and Marley's ID # is A1367215.

YORKIES  GET DUMPED OFF TOO.  Please consider  adopting a Yorkie, that needs a home??

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Yorkshire Terrier Who Loves BUBBLES

From Austin Texas - this little Yorkie  LOVE  BUBBLES!  Watch