Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My yorkie Quit chewing bones

For the first 2-3 years, my Yorkie LOVED bones. The bigger the better!  She would chew and chew and chew for hours. I realize she was teething a lot that first year, but she  continued loving them.

Then at about 4 years she sort outgrew it.  Now she has a few bones laying around, which she hides and moves from time to time, but RARELY sits and chews.

Has any other Yorkie owners had similar experiences?


debbie53dog said...

Yes, I've had that same thing happen with my Yorkie "Lady Bug" and "Bebe" my Toy Poodle. I bought some natural Bully Sticks when I first bought Bebe. She was about 10 months old and Lady Bug was around 5 years old. Bebe also was going through the teething period but Lady Bug loved to chew right along with Bebe and for long periods of time. Then after about 2 years they both stopped chewing on them. I had even tried throwing away the old ones and giving them fresh but they just lost interest and now they won't even look at the chews. I still have several packs of Bully Sticks that I had vacuum packed and I may end up giving them to our local animal shelter. At least the pups there will get some good use out of them. So see your not the only one that has gone through this, we have too.
Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

debbie53dog said...

Derrick, I would like to correct my comment on chewing bones. Bebe was about 10 weeks old not 10 months when I first brought her home.

Malvi said...

my Yorkie likes to chew.... chicken feet. I know this souns terrible but she really loves them, I buy the at a local pet store