Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adult Yorkie Saved from Puppy Mill NEEDS A LOVING HOME!

Pet of the Week: Meet Mali: Mali endured cruelty and neglect as a puppy mill mom for at least a decade before she was rescued last year. Now, she needs the security and love of a forever family to live out her golden years in peace. Call 931-503-8300 for details.

 CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — The life of a puppy mill dog can be hell on earth. Unscrupulous breeders stack wire cages full of dogs half a dozen high, meaning that the dogs in all but the top row are relentlessly subjected to the falling excrement from the dogs above.
In addition, puppy mill dogs are often treated roughly, fed poorly and denied medical care of any kind.

That was the sad story for Mali, a Yorkshire Terrier rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. Mali was taken in by Inge Irby who runs Clarksville’s Second Chance & Happy Tails, a non-profit, no-kill, small dog rescue. Local veterinarians estimated that Mali is at least 12 years old, but puppy mill dogs’ ages are notoriously hard to peg because neglect and insufficient nutrition lead to tooth loss.


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debbie53dog said...

My first blog was right here on Miniature Yorkshire Terrier. I live in Missouri and my blog was about 93 Yorkies Rescued in Feb. 2009 not to far from where I live here in my home state. At that time I think Missouri was the number one state for Puppy Mills. 93 little guys all in one place, that's so hard for me to imagine and knowing they were all jammed together makes me sick to even think about it. It's also hard to read, see and hear about the many pups that go through this kind of torture and neglect. We can all help by not buying from Puppy Mills and Pet Stores that offer puppies from who knows where. Buy from small breeders that treat their pups like family or adopt from the many shelters we have. It will take time but the changes in our buying habits will help put these bad breeders out of business for good. No money to make means no business, I like that.

Sounds like Mali was on her way to recovery until her adopted Mom got sick. I hope she can find a forever home to spend the rest of her life because she so deserves it.

Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe