Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miniature Yorkshire Terriers vs. Corgis

So this is mostlt about Yorkies!  But this was just toooooo cute, not to share!

51 humorous and adorable Corgi clips!


debbie53dog said...

Derrick I am so glad I clicked on the Corgi clips. It's so cute and funny that it will make you smile and laugh at these cute pups. It sure made my day. Maybe they have or will make one about Yorkies too. I have a friend that has several Corgis and I know she'll really enjoy this one.

Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

derrick sorles said...

YES - I wish someone would do one on Yorkies!! - and to your comment about Missouri puppy mills - our Yorkie came from MISS - but they swore they were a small time breeder - they sent us lots of pictures - our dog is now 6 and has been very healthy, so fingers crossed, she'll be a good healthy dog. She has a luxating patella in one leg - but thats all - and the vet said that is very common - and it does not bother her.

debbie53dog said...

Both of my girls have luxating patella in their knees. Yorkies and Toy Poodles are both knows to have this. When I first bought Lady Bug if she played too hard her one knee would kick out. Once she settled down she would go back to normal. This was one of the reasons the breeder was going to find her a good home because the weight of having puppies would not have been good for her. So, when I saw her I fell in love. Here is one thing that I have been using for many years and it has helped both of my girls. To this day they have had no problems with their knees. The product is called Syn-Flex for pets a Glucosamine Complex. It's a liquid Glucosamine Complex that absorbs in their system quickly and a little expensive but it has helped their "joints and cartilage protection and growth". I did quit one time a couple years back and then Lady Bug was hesitating climbing the stairs. So I started back up and no problems. Glucosamine is good for people and pets and helps with arthritis also. If she, I guess you are talking about Miss Trixie ever has any problems with her knees just start her on the liquid Glucosamine. It works and much better than surgery.

derrick sorles said...

Thanks Debbie - I will check that out!! Amazone has it for about $25 - she is WORTH IT!