Thursday, November 24, 2011

Male Yorkie in the Neighborhood

While out walking this summer, I noticed a new Yorkie in my neighborhood! His name is Dodger! And even though my daddies think I have no interest in male dogs, something about Dodger gets me all hot and bothered! He is scruffy and sexy! - With winter coming, I don't get out we may not see each other til next spring :-(

- Trixie


Kimberly&Snoopy said...

OMGoodness! Now that I have seen Dodger I am going to give Trixie a run for her kibbles! He is hot and I think with my new Christmas dress that I can make his tail spin. Mommy says I look Bow WOW in it with my furry red hat. So look out Trixie there's a new Grrrrirl on the street that stands for grr8! Plus my momma takes me out everyday so I'll be seeing him soon. Thank you for putting his pic out there for me, it was so kind of you. Signed, Snoopy Baby

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