Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

This is my second Valentines Day!

Tigger (the cat) - he's been around - he's kind of old.
About 16 cat years I think!
And I know I terrorize him! But he is FINALLY
starting to like me, after 16 months of living together!
I LOVE TIGGER! -Tigger is about
laying around and sleeping! I have energy!
And run, run, run!

xoxoxox Trixie

Scientists, veterinarians and dog owners have long questioned the
relationship between man and his best friend. Even philosophers
have ventured opinions on the idea: Plato described dogs as
"lovers of learning" and Voltaire refuted Descartes' theory
that dogs were merely unintelligent machines.

The idea that dogs feel emotions, specifically love, is debatable.
Though older schools of scientific thought refuted the
notion that dogs had human-like feelings, some researchers
today believe the subject deserves more attention.

Read the article!

Their loyalty is unconditional --
much like that between a parent and child,
that's for sure!

So, are those "puppy dog eyes" signaling true
love or a manipulation to get dog biscuits out of you?

What do you think???

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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

You'll think I'm crazy if I answer, but I'm going to anyway - yes, I think dogs (and more so for cats) can understand your emotions.

I like the pic of the two - they match!!