Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Potty Training A Yorkshire Terrier

Potty training can be a nightmare for
some dog owners. We got this
question sent in today....
"I have 12wk yorkie. I would like to know what
is the best way to potty train.
I live in an apartment that has carpet all over
except for the kitchen at the bathroom.
I tried taking him outside but he doesn't go potty.
He does it when he comes back inside.
I found out from the breeder that my boyfriend
got him from that the dog is not use to grass only
the potty pads. I have him in a baby play pen where
is bed is at one end and the potty pad is at the other.
I just recently bought a crate for him but he went a peed
in the crate. In desperate need
of help on what to do. Thanks!"
Being used to potty pads may be why he is
not going outside. - Although I was trained
on paper when I was very small and introduced to
grass I think, around 8-9 weeks.
Maybe try putting the potty pad outside will get
him to do his business outside....maybe even
spinkle some grass blades on the pad...
anyone have thoughts or personal
stories to share???

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