Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Thousands of dogs go missing or are stolen
every year and the figures are growing alarmingly.
Dog theft is on the increase and it's said to
be the fastest growing crime in the UK.
Yorkies crimes especially seem out
of control.
In the UK, Alfies Lost Terriers has
been set up online.
"Our aim is to offer help, advice and
support to the owners of missing dogs of all shapes and sizes."
Visit their site! This is a great idea and
there needs to be more of these sites!


rosie111 said...

Hello i have recently lost my miniature yorkshire terrier well its been 4 days now and my family and friends are missing him. If you have anythink that could help me or you could contact me i would be extremly happy thankyou for reading R.M.J.Hodgetts

Miniature Yorkie said...

Are you in the UK? Where are you located? Perhaps there is an agency in your area that can help you?