Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Small Miniature Dogs are not Accessories - Small Dogs, Big Hearts

"They're small, they're cute,"
"People want little dogs. Celebrities carrying them around make
them look like they're accessories.
They are not wrist watches or wallets. They are dogs."
"There are a myriad of health problems with many of these dogs,"
emphasizes Darlene Arden, author of the book
"Small Dogs, Big Hearts."

Our breed, though undeniably "precious," has a temperament

that can be high-strung and, thanks to overbreeding,

is often beset by health problems that may require expensive surgery.

The likelihood that a casual buyer will become

disenchanted when the growing Yorkie — or any purebred,

for that matter — makes increasing demands concerns

Darlene Arden.

Ms. Arden urges prospective dog owners to do

extensive research before purchasing a dog, and to make sure

that they have the resources and time to devote to the animal.


She also emphasizes that the dog should be a good fit with the

owner's lifestyle: A towering great Dane is not a good choice

for someone who lives in a small,

cramped apartment. "I would like to see people pay more

attention to the characteristics of the dog, instead to what breed

is 'the flavor of the month'

or the one being carted around by some celebrity," she says.

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