Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Celebrities and their precious Yorkies

Pampered Pooches!
In the past 10 years, the pet industry has doubled
in size to $34 billion a year in revenue.
That includes everything from pet foods and toys to furniture
and paying fees for dog walkers, groomers, even pet therapists!
Tara Reid and her Yorkie

Gisele with Vida

Audrey Hepburn with Mr. Famous

Cindy Adams and her baby

Joan Rivers and Spike

Kelly Roland with her Yorkie

Venus Williams and her little baby.

It's not about the milk bones anymore!

The fastest-growing part of the pet industry is

super-high-end luxury items, such as the

$5,500 Swarovski crystal doggie vest that is the most

expensive item featured so far in "The New York Dog,"

a new magazine for that city's dog lovers.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics, keep them coming! Shows the different times, sizes, coloring...luv, luv, luv it!