Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nashville Yorkie saga continues

In loving memory of Gizmo
I just HATE to report sad stories,
because this blog is about the good, the happy, the fun, the love...
not the sad and bad.
However, there's a reason for sharing this story.
In Spring 2004, in Nashville, a
man was been charged with killing his neighbor's 2-pound
miniature Yorkshire terrier by place-kicking it into
the air like a football.

Chad Daniel Crawford, 23, was booked on charges
of cruelty to animals and felony vandalism.
He was freed after posting $25,000 bond.
Jelani Lewis and Jessica McKenzie said they were shocked
and outraged by the death of their 17-year-old dog, Gizmo.
Lewis was on the grounds of his apartment complex Tuesday when he
said he saw one of three men holding the dog like a football.
``The other one backed up and kicked him like a place-kicker,''
said Lewis, who couldn't get there fast enough to save his pet.

Gizmo flew through the air in a high arc, hit the pavement and
rolled a few feet beneath a parked car.
The dog was dead when he hit the ground and the men
were laughing, Lewis said.
``I didn't believe that they kicked my dog, Lewis told
The Tennessean newspaper. ``When I saw him kick it,
I was thinking, maybe for a second, 'No, that isn't Gizmo.'

Lewis said he chased the men and caught Crawford, then made
him pick up Gizmo's body and take it upstairs to McKenzie.
Lewis said he held Crawford until police arrived.
Michael Davis was also charged in the incident.
This past fall, the two men who made world news headlines
two years ago, settled a lawsuit brought by the dog's owners.
Chad Crawford, 26, and Michael Davis, 23, settled the suit
for an undisclosed amount, a Nashville lawyer said.

The pair also face animal cruelty charges in the incident
and are to be tried in Nashville in February.
Both have pleaded not guilty.
The reason for sharing this story is to
ask for everyone's help!
The petition is to demand justice. 5,000 signatures are
needed to present it to the Attorney General.
Pet's are like children. We love unconditionally.
We do not know hate or prejudice.
Please help protect us!

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