Friday, March 1, 2013

Yorkie Scam Involving San Francisco Airport SFO

Warning potential dog owners,  beware of a pet scam that that may
 be using the SFO name (San Francisco airport)  to entice its victims.

SFO Airport Duty Spokesman Doug Yakel reported this week of a  Yorkie scam that begins on websites offering to give away pets and offering air transport to connect a pet owner with the new pet. The scammer then requests that the consumer pay a portion of the costs, airfare or other costs such as those related to vaccines, crates or insurance necessary for travel. 

This request is sent in an e-mail from a false agency known 
as the "Health Care Department" at SFO.

SFO Airport officials are warning that no such department or e-mail
 account exists and that the airport is in no way connected to this scam.

 For more information on Internet fraud, including pet scams,
 go to the Federal Trade Commission's website at

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