Saturday, March 30, 2013

The BEST Dog Poop Bags

How do you pick up your dogs poop? 

Many dog owners pick it up with a non-biodegradable plastic bag. They "recycle" (re-use) one of those plastic bags from the grocery store. They pick up the poop and throw it away. 

But then what happens? It gets sent off somewhere, to live on forever and ever and ever.
You may not think about it, but chances are if you have a dog you're creating excess waste, somewhere. There are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the United States. That's a lot of poop!

Paul Cannella, the owner of Chicago-based, created a solution. 

Cannella’s PoopBags are 100 percent  TOTALLY biodegradable dog waste bags  —
Made from corn starch and other renewable resources, PoopBags are shelf stable products that will degrade, after use, at the same rate as the core of an apple. 

"I used to always run out of bags for my dog, May. I started grabbing extra bags when I could: my Mom would save them for me, I always asked for double-bagging, etc. I started looking for sources on the web and discovered just how bad plastic bags were for the environment." says Paul. 

In 2003, there were very few resources for biodegradable bags — and it remains true today. While many claim to be biodegradable, only a couple actually meet the ASTM D6400 specification, which allows you to legally claim your product is biodegradable."

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The ORIGINAL and the BEST Poop Bags!

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