Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yorkshire Terrier is Mans Best Friend

Dogs have always been great, friendly companions, hence the Man’s Best Friend title, but nothing comes close to the valuable help provided by a Yorkshire Terrier named Maisie, (NOT pictured) who recently alerted an owner that his house was up in flames. The canine managed to use initiative to run to the location of the owner and encourage him to come home and find help for the situation.

Last week at approximately 6pm in the evening, Maisie noticed flames and smoke bellowing from a house in Limes Road, (in the UK) . Mr. Whitmore, the owner of the house resides there with some lodgers, as well as his wife and children. At the time of the incident, Mr. Whitmore was in his local sports and social club, before he was greeted by Maisie, smelling of smoke.

Maisie impressed local neighbours after running a total of 350 yards from the burning building to the local sports and social club. Maisie was in the kitchen of the building when the blaze started, which is said to have begun as a result of something being cooked on the hob. When Mr. Whitmore was alerted of the incident, he called fire fighters.

An hour after the beginning of the fire, the fire department put the fire out with the use of breathing equipment. Thankfully, due to the Yorkshire Terrier’s fast reaction, no one was hurt in the process. Although the bottom floor of Mr. Whitmore’s house was badly affected by smoke, it appears that only the kitchen really experienced the majority of damage from flames.

Yorkie to the Rescue!

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Kimberly&Snoopy said...

My best friend, Snoopy, alerted me in the middle of the night when I had an intruder. She didn't make a noise and woke me up so I could retrieve my gun. It turned out to be someone that I knew who had broke into my house but it could have been someone there to cause harm. I sleep better knowing that she is there protecting me.