Friday, January 13, 2012


Atlantic City’s ONLY Pet Friendly Casino

Offers One-Of-A-Kind Facebook Contest Where

Fans Can Winner Exclusive Prize Packages

Does your pooch desire to live the lavish celebrity lifestyle of luxurious suites, fine canine cuisine, golden fire-hydrants? If so, there’s no need to beg because Showboat Atlantic City wants them for their exclusive America’s Next Top Dog Model contest. To celebrate the one year anniversary of becoming dog-friendly, Showboat is leaving no doggie house unturned to find a pet that that has the looks and charisma

to be the next face of Pet Stay.

Interested participants upload pictures of their

beloved pup to the Showboat Facebook page.

(You must LIKE the page first). On January 31st the submission period ends and fans will get to vote on which dog has the most star power.

On February 13th the voting ends and the top ten dogs with the most votes will be chosen to compete in the Showboat’s ‘Best in Show’ competition. Fans eager to participate are encouraged to upload photos of their dogs wearing cute costumes or engaging in interesting activities. Entries are limitless so owners should feel free to put up several pictures to showcase their dog’s true talent, but all participating dogs must be under 50 pounds to enter.

Owners of the dogs selected to be among the six finalists will receive a two night stay at Showboat to compete in the ‘Best in Show’ competition on Saturday, March 3rd, as well as a complimentary breakfast at the Mansion Café and $100 food credit for Scarduzio’s Steak Sushi Lounge. The actual dog chosen as the Next Top Dog Model’s owner will receive a grand prize package that will be sure to make those tails start wagging.


LIKE them.

Look for "PetStay SpokesDog Contest" on the left side of the page

Upload Photo.

VOTE after Jan 31st!

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