Wednesday, December 21, 2011

YouTube Video Exposes Nurse Beating a Yorkie


How can someone be SO ABUSIVE?

I try not to post anything depressing or sad on this site. Because I read lots of horrific abusive stories - unspeakable acts you can not even imagine - and I just refuse to post them. It's too sad.

Today this story came across my desk- and I will not post the video - because it is too graphic - but this woman is SICK. This made me sob.

A Brazilian nurse, who is married to a doctor, was caught on camera repeatedly attacking a yorkie, which later died of its injuries. When Police refused to take action, the neighbor who shot the video, posted it on YouTube. The nurse now has gone into hiding after receiving 40,000 threats! Her apartment block was surrounded by a mob throwing stones. There have even been people offering money for someone to kill her.

After a national outcry, an investigation was quickly launched, and hundreds of thousands have joined Facebook groups or signed an online petition demanding that the 22-year-old be brought to justice.

When officers arrived at de Moura's home she reportedly tried to explain her actions by saying she was ‘having a bad day, going through some family problems and an attack of nerves.’ - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? You throw and beat and abuse a helpless animal, cause you're having a bad day! She should be JAILED!

A police spokesman said the investigation is expected to conclude on Wednesday and could result in de Moura being sentenced to up to a year in prison for animal cruelty.

The brutal attack was witnessed by a child, so she could also be charged under the Children's Act for 'exposing a child to shame or embarrassment, the maximum penalty for which is three years behind bars,' he added.

This is so sad. And so sickening.

The ASPCA has posted 10 ways to prevent Animal Cruelty.
Signs to watch for and how to report cruelty in the US.


And if you feel inclined to donate to a group - I recommend two -
Best Friends and ASPCA


debbie53dog said...

I went ahead and looked up this very disturbing video on the death of a poor little yorkie in Brazil. How sickening it was to watch her kill this innocent little pup slowly. Not only that but her 18 month old child had watched the whole thing. Will this send a message to this child that abusing or killing an animal is OK? I just wish the punishment would fit the crime but we know that will never happen. This woman's life has changed thanks to her neighbor posting it on YouTube. The police weren't going to do anything about it at first but now the woman is in hiding. I look at my two girls and just keep telling them how lucky they are to have such a warm and loving home. Lady Bug and Bebe are my whole life. I love the both so much and the thought of them being hurt in anyway would be a top priority. I just keep asking myself "What is this world coming too?"

Amanda said...

This is so sad! How can people be so abusive? I don't understand how anyone could treat one of God's creatures so poorly. I love my little yorkies, they are such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hate yorkies. i dont view them at dogs, but rather entitled rats. who bark and expect to get their ugly faces fed.

however, i dont agree with this abuse

derrick sorles said...

If you hate yorkies - why are you on this site???

Anonymous said...

I loves every minute of this video! EFF all yorkies! This woman should be given a medal