Monday, January 12, 2009

Neglected Matted Yorkie in the UK

This is SO SAD.
How can anyone, let their dog, get to this state?
The UK SUN reported
THIS neglected Yorkshire terrier had such a matted coat
that it was impossible to tell one end of the dog from the other.

His owner, who treated her pet - called Stumpy -
appallingly for at least six months was jailed for 12
weeks and banned from keeping animals for life.

Annette Antonia, 51, of Brighton, East Sussex,
pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to
the 19-year-old animal at Brighton Magistrates' Court.
Keep your pet combed.
Don't lets mats form, and if they
do, gently remove them before they
become an issue.


Pasifik said...

That is so sad...I'm a pet lover and I can't imagine how could anyone did that to a little dog?

Happy blogging,

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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

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Breanna said...

AGH! that is so annoying!!! i'm glad they put her in jail. should have been longer!

Anonymous said...

This breaks my heart. the pain caused from all these mats must have been horrible. How could the little dog even move? I pray this little dog found a good home for her remaining years