Friday, February 29, 2008

Wild and Crazy Dogs

A few readers sent me those photos!
They are on the FLICKR site!
They are not all Yorkies, of course,
but I thought they were wild and crazy
and made me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Is DogPhoria Shutting Down?? I have had alot of personall friends being locked out of there accounts and no way to get onto the DogPhoria site. Myself and My Dogs have been thinking that DogPhoria is shutting down one member at a time. We hope we aren't jynxing it but if this keeps happening then who knows. Maybe DogPhoria won't have anymore members! YIKES! Please DogPhoria. I beg you too start answering E-Mail again! If you don't noone can contact

Coco Chanel said...

That's odd.......I was able to get into my account there I don't know.