Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Abandoned Yorkie is Saved in Florida

I am always amazed when I read stories of people who
are hurtful. They hurt animals, or they hurt other humans.
Do people not have hearts or is something wrong with them?

If you have a pet you can not care for, find someone who will.

You don't throw it away! This piece came from Vicoria Macchi

and the Naples Neopolitan News...

As a rule, The Humane Society of Naples does not take in strays. But when they discovered a shivering 4 pound Yorkie, toothless, and covered with bald patches, abandoned and left outside in a pet carrier, they had to take her in. “You could see the fleas crawling,” recalls shelter manager Karen Sesso, who took Pippin home at night so he could get round-the-clock attention.
His weight was stable, but his eyes and ears were badly infected. A skin condition meant bald patches covered his body. He had tapeworm, and all his teeth were missing."

Enter the Kaufmans. The Kauffmans visited the dog several times at the shelter. They knew they wanted a small, senior dog that could handle condo life. He was renamed "LUCKY" and they gave him a new home. His beige and silver coat, now shiny and healthy, covers the bald patches. He is down from six medications to just one for a cough he can’t seem to shake.

Despite any neglect he suffered, Lucky is living large now. He eats organic wet food (he can’t chew kibble), visits the groomer often, likes riding around in the convertible with the top down, and, at night, sleeps in a doggie bed between Amy and Jim.
“Life just went the wrong way for him,” says Amy, holding Lucky’s face up to hers.

“He’s got a lot of life left!”


Bre & Brandon said...

that amazes me. i just had a friend send out an email (she's in real estate) and got a listing for a house that had been vacant for two weeks - she went there and the people left their dog in the backyard tied up with no food/water.

Warwick said...

I am happy for Yorkie...