Saturday, April 21, 2007


I have only flown myself twice! And I liked it,
but at the high altitudes, it was a little
difficult to breath. But I do enjoy traveling!
I found this tipsheet at
Alert the airline of a pet when booking your flight to make sure
there’s room in the cabin.

Fly during a weekday when airports are less hectic.

Fly in the morning or evening during the summer and midday
during the winter to ensure safe temperatures for pets traveling as cargo.

Choose a nonstop, direct flight.
Exercise your pet before leaving to help it relax and sleep.

Do not feed or give water to your pet two hours before departure.
Check in at least two hours before time and have all paperwork ready.

Tape a note on the pet container with all relevant information:
name of the pet, age, destination and flight number.
Make sure the carry-on container will fit under the seat.

Familiarize your pet with its carrier before leaving home,
and make sure the pet is wearing tags or is micro chipped.

Have you traveled with your pet? How was the experience?
I look forward to hearing your stories
and adding to the list of helpful tips.

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