Friday, April 27, 2007


Can a hawk swoop down and take a small dog?

Maybe, according to Herb Roberts, an animal curator
at the Memphis Zoo.
Hawks are usually looking for rodents like mice
and rats and even rabbits.

Dogs are larger than most rodents so it may be hard
to fly off with them. -- But it has happened.
Also dogs don't act like most prey.
They will bark, bite and fight.

But that doesn't mean a hawk or other birds of prey
can't kill a small dog or a cat.
The birds can swoop in with a powerful death blow using
their talons to kill the animal. They will eat their prey
where they kill it.

Small dogs and cats are also vulnerable to raccoons,
coyotes and foxes, Roberts said.
Tiny dogs should probably always have some adult supervision
while outside or at least be outside with children or other humans.

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