Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yorkie Mail

I get the nicest mail!
I got this letter today...
"Hi Coco and Coco's daddy,
I have just been enjoying your Blog
and thought I'd write a note to say how wonderful
it is with all of the pictures and stories, etc. Such a nice thing to do.
We have two Yorkies named TeddyBear (boy who is 4 1/2 yrs.)
and BabyDoll (girl who is 4 yrs.). They are half-brother and sister
and they are wonderful little treasures. Such personalities and
incredibly loving. I feel sorry for people who haven't
experienced the unconditional love of a dog ...
especially a toy breed.

Our human child is grown and has left the nest,
so these two Yorkies are most definitely our babies and
we are not embarassed to say so. Dogs are little angels
sent from heaven to enrich our lives and to help us experience
what true devotion is. They are a tremendous blessing.

Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us Yorkie lovers.
I am most fortunate to have purchased Coco's book from
eBay a couple of years ago and when I wrote to tell
her daddy how much I loved the book ... he generously
sent me another copy as a gift ...
so thoughtful and much appreciated!"

Yorkie hugs,
TeddyBear, BabyDoll & Mommy
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

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