Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dogs Yorkshire terrier jumps 30ft off cliff


Yorkshire terrier jumps 30ft off cliff chasing seagull - and survives 


A Yorkshire Terrier miraculously survived falling 30ft into the sea after jumping off a cliff while chasing a seagull.

The dog plunged into the water near Moryn in Anglesey (WALES)  on Sunday, the Daily Post reports .

Moelfre ’s RNLI team received a call around 11.30am on Sunday with reports that someone had jumped in to the sea after their dog.

They dispatched their large life boat with a rib attached to the back and set out looking for those in distress.

“The dog was absolutely fine, it’s a miracle after falling from such a height.”


debbie53dog said...

What a story. Glad the little guy was ok. In the picture the face looks a lot like our pups. Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe

jones_sue said...

I just saw the Miniature Yorkshire Terrier for the first time in forever! No sure what's wrong! I had been getting it every month, or, whenever you posted.