Friday, July 17, 2015

Yorkies ... Beware of big birds

NEVER leave your Yorkie outside unattended!  Period!

My dog thinks she is tough at the beach when she chases  seagulls - but beware. 

Roo the Yorkshire Terrier suffered severe head wounds and a brain haemorrhage after a group of gulls attacked him while he was playing in the back garden of his owner’s home in Cornwall last Thursday.

Mother-of-four Emily Vincent, who owned Roo, said the little dog came running into the kitchen before collapsing in a pool of blood resembling a ‘murder scene’.

The family took the animal to the vet but his wounds were deemed too severe and he was put down.
The seagulls – which are herring gulls – had been nesting on the roof of Ms Vincent’s house in St Columb Minor. They are believed to have been trying to protect their nest when they attacked Roo.

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