Sunday, October 5, 2014

Poker Playing Yorkie Jilli Dog Passes at 17

RICK CARAN and his famous Yorkshire Terrier  JILLI DOG entertained audiences around the world with wildly wonderful Poker Card Tricks!  Sadly, Jilli passed  on recently, at age 17.

Rick said on Facebook: "Good Night Sweet Jilli Dog Sept 1998 - Sept 2014.
My Sweet Jilli Dog, I don't know what I did to deserve such a blessing in my life, as you, but I will love you, and miss you, forever... My heart is breaking, and I could fill volumes about your sweet and gentle nature, and the hearts you touched, and SMILES that you have spread, but I am tired, it's been a long and very sad day, so I am going to sleep now, and dream about how you changed my life, showed me unconditional love, and brought me, and so many others such amazing joy... I cherish the day you walked into my life, those 16 years ago, a sickly pup from the street, and you turned it upside down... It's been a great ride... Thank you..."

Heartbreaking to lose our children.  :-(

Watch  on of Jilli's  tricks   here.  


Kimberly&Snoopy said...

You were both lucky to have each other. Jilli loved you so much because you saved her and I truly believe that they know and feel our love. Be strong for her and know she is in Heaven watching over you and waiting patiently for you to join her someday. I know she is in Heaven because GOD backwards is dog and they are GOD's gift to us. I just wished they stayed with us a lot longer. Snoopy & I have been praying for you since you posted her passing on facebook. GOD BLESS YOU!

debbie53dog said...

This is such sad news. I have been following Rick and Jilli Dog for years and I think I've probaby watched all their videos. We all know that day will come when we have to say goodbye to our babies. I can just imagine what Rick is going through right now. We have to think positive because Rick and Jilli Dog were destined to be. They had the greatest ride and the time of their lives traveling together. We will miss you Jilli Dog and one day you will be reunited with Rick. Rick and the people who followed you miss you and you will always be in our thoughts. RIP little Jilli Dog.

jones_sue said...

I was SO sad to hear of Jilli Dog's passing! I had watched some UTube video's & seen Rick & Jilli Dog on Animal Planet. What a wonderful life they gave each other! After reading this, I watched as many videos as I could fine. Watching Rick with Jilli Dog & other animals, one could see what a gentle man he is. ������

Cynthia J. Coleman said...

Aww So sad to hear this.

Cynthia J. Coleman said...

So sad to hear that.