Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yorkie as a Service Dog Therapy Dog

My little girl is now officially an Emotional Support / Service Dog.

She can now go EVERYWHERE with me.  For a small fee  I got her the paperwork.  ($70)  and  for about  $40  and  I got her a little  vest to wear.  That allows her to go into restaurants  with me and hotels.

For air travel,  most airlines require a note from your doctor as well, stating  your dog helps in relieving  anxiety, in my case. And most airlines  will waive  the normal  travel fee for a dog and most airlines allow me to have her on my lap, instead of under the seat, stressing both me and her out. Every airlines handles this a little different. So when booking your ticket, explain you have an emotional support dog.

For more information visit Service Dogs Certification.

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