Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yorkie Photography

I think these will be my new headshots!   LOVE THEM!
The second one, with the lighting, almost looks  like a painting!

I tried to do some things in Photoshop - but I did not know how to make it look more like  painting....any thoughts???

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debbie53dog said...

I like all of them Derrick. I haven't played around with changing photography in a while so I won't be of much help. The particular program I used has a book to read about the size of a yellow pages. So I used this huge manual as a reference. After I bought a new notebook I haven't installed this program but it did just about everything as far as changing your photos. Trial and error is the way I learn, lots of time and remembering what you did if you liked the outcome. You know the last picture looks like an abstract painting. I showed it to the girls and they agree.
Debbie, Lady Bug and Bebe