Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't Let Your Yorkshire Terrier Be Stolen

The American Kennel Club says the five AKC-recognized breeds most likely to be stolen are, in descending order: Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, French bulldog, Labrador retriever and Pomeranian.
To protect your pet:

• Don’t let your dog off-leash. Keeping it close reduces the likelihood that it will wander off and catch the attention of thieves.

• Don’t leave your dog unattended in your yard, especially if your fenced-in yard is visible from the street.

• If strangers approach you to admire your dog during walks, don’t answer questions about how much the dog cost or give details about where you live.

• Never leave your dog in an unattended car, even if it’s locked.

• Don’t tie your dog outside a store. Patronize only dog-friendly retailers, or leave the dog at home.

• Protect your dog with microchip identification and keep your contact information current with your microchip-recovery service provider.

• If your dog is stolen, file a police report and ask to have the microchip serial number and the dog’s description posted in the “stolen article” category on the National Crime Information Center.

• Keep current photos (profile and headshot) of your dog so you can distribute them immediately if your pet disappears.

• Buy from reputable dealers or rescue groups. If the dog is advertised as purebred, ask for the AKC litter registration number and call AKC customer service at 919-233-9767 to verify registration.


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