Monday, December 2, 2013

Dogs Who Love Warm Laundry

Are your YORKIES  obsessed with warm laundry?? I barely get the basket on the floor and Trixie starts  pulling it all over and making a bed! SHE  LOVE'S  IT!

And when I take a shower and she watches and waits  until I lay the wet towel on the floor and she rolls all over it rubbing her face and any part of her body she can rub on it.

AND WHAT ABOUT SHOES?  She loves to stick her head inside my shoes!

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Sandra Morris said...

Each morning, before I take my shower, I get a warm towel out of the cupboard and lay it on the bed. That is our little Yorkie's signal to get out of her basket and make the warm towel into a nest.
It's got to the point where I now take TWO towels out so I don't have to disturb her in her cosy towel nest....
What we do for our dogs....!?!